Bandanas are so much popular in the girls for their hair-styling. You can tie in different ways to make your look different and attractive.

I collected some bandana’s tutorial for you to practice. If you want to look some new ideas for your hair, then this post is for you.

1. With the “Fountain”

2. Greek Style Hairstyle (option 1)

3. Greek Style Hairstyle (option 2)

4. With Loose Hair (option 1)

5. With Loose Hair (option 2)

6. With a Large and Large Bow (option 1)

  1. With a Large and Large Bow (option 2)

8 With a Small Bun

  1. With a Low Bow

  1. With Short Hair

  1. Integrated Bandana in the Hair


  1. With a Braid

13. With the Hairstyle “pin up”

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