We would all have to tackle these big issues that are for only women who have small boobs so that they will understand clearly as they are going through this.

  1. You would have to get ID-ed sometimes as from your chest region, you exactly look like a 12 year old boy.
  2. When you lie down, you notice your boobs are vanished.
  3. You could fit into those “bralettes” marketed at 4 year olds.
  4. Your nickname was “Holland” in your high school.
  5. You were called the leader of the “itty bitty titty committee”.
  6. You were choose wear the bra to get the cleavage on a date are always the clunky padded ones.
  7. Try to explain the guy about those “chicken fillets” when you get your bra off. You need to create a sneaky illusion of cleavage.
  8. Those “matching set” bikinis you need one size smaller up top.
  9. While putting on your weight, it changes all the body parts except the chest area.
  10. Boob sex is obviously a thing you can go for but you never forget the mystery behind this.
  11. It happens sometimes that your padding gets wrapped in your bra and it looks like you have got an anchor-shaped boob.
  12. You just want to wear only the lace bras but suddenly you realize the truth behind this and you cannot pad transparent lace.
  13. Halter-neck tops are a kind of a joke for you.
  14. Your partner will forget to object if you were magically fill out those two cup sizes.
  15. Sport bras give you pecs.
  16. At mad men parties you can never be Joan Harris.
  17. While wearing the strapless dresses, it is something you have given up on the terrifying view. Whenever you try to raise your arms, you pop out the boobs.
  18. Your little sister outgrew your hand-me-down bras.
  19. Every single time, the spaghetti straps are so long you need to be altered.
  20. Everybody can easily see the padding when you take off your bikini to dry it up on the beach.
  21. It was so embarrassing when you see a guy’s boobs are bigger than yours.
  22. The “boob gap” is such an awkward part of your life so you are wearing a low cut top, the gap between boob and bra can be easily seen because you can never fill it.

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Small-boobie girls, what have we missed? Do you think women with smaller or bigger bobs have it easier? Tell us!! If you like this post, please share it.

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