5 Face washes for oily and combination skin

Basic skincare is washing your face and keeping it clean so both men and women use face wash/cleansers,here are some affordable face washes available in India for oily to normal to dry skin but more on oily skin,Dry and combination people though i have included 1 which can be used by you all too,So fellas dont worry ,will surely write a separate post particular to your skin type.

1. Kaya skin brightening beads

Kaya products are very popular and this facewash is suitable for all skin type.

  • Formulated with ingredients necessary for our skin like Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and AHA
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Consists of tiny brightening beads which helps in exfoliation of dead skin
  • Travel-friendly packaging, hygienic packaging comes in White Tube
  • Cleanses the skin and removes impurities
  • Does not make skin drying.
  • The texture of the face wash is creamy

2. KAZIMA Vitamin C Face wash

I used Kaya and I loved it but in winter I felt more dryness because of my dry skin so I tried this face wash due to its ingredients and I am extremely in love with this. I will go to kaya only on summers and all other time Kazima

  • The face wash has gel-like consistency and looks like honey
  • Formulated with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid
  • Free from sulfate, parabens, mineral oil and silicone
  • Personally, it has lightened my dark spots which were prominent from the past 4 years due to Vitamin C and makes skin soft due to hyaluronic acid
  • Affordable, Cheapest facewash I have come across with Vitamin c and does its job pretty well

3.Lotus Herbals Jojoba Facewash

Lotus is a brand which uses natural ingredients in its products. This facewash consists of Active Milli capsules

  • Formulated with Jojoba oil, Avocado and Vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes skin very well
  • Active Milli capsules consist of the above formulation, it has a runny consistency with beads
    Very suitable for dry skin can also be used by oily skin people in cold winters provides very good hydration.
  • Travel-friendly packaging and transparent at sides so you can keep a check on when the product gets over. Has a pleasant fragrance
  • The gentle cleanser does not irritate oily acne prone skin or sensitive skin.
  • Easily available an can be used by both Men and Women
  • Oily skin people do not use this product in summers
  • Take pea sized product and smash the Milli capsule with the fingers and then apply on your face, it lathers and cleans your skin.

4.Ponds Pure Anti Pollution facewash

this is an anti-pollution facewash, good for people in urban cities and for the one who travels a lot, it’s important to deep cleanse

  • Affordable, Comes in a black and white tube packaging with flip open top hence it is travel-friendly packaging
  • Face wash is grey in color and has a creamy texture consistency is a bit thick. It has activated carbon in it which really helps in getting rid of dirt and pollution from the skin.
  • Nice Fragrance and only a tiny amount is necessary to lather and face feels very clean
  • Good for normal and extremely oily skin and for people with dry skin not so good but if used, then need to follow up with a moisturizer and you may feel your skin very stretchy.
  • Not suitable for daily use as it dries out skin so used it when you want thorough cleansing only like weekly cleanup face wash

5.Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face wash

  • Plum is one of favorite drugstore brand which matches up Luxury brands in quality.
  • Gentle face wash enriched with Green Tea Extracts, Green tea is a great antioxidant it prevents the formation of new acne.
  • This face wash has no SLS, PARABEN or soap
  • Has natural exfoliating scrub beads and also enriched with Glycolic acid, very good for oily skin
  • But dry sin people may feel their skin is stretched so follow it up with a good moisturizer.
  • Packaging is simple comes in a white tube with a flip cap which shuts properly so is travel-friendly
    Facewash is colorless with tiny beads and green tea smell and has gel-like consistency, cleans up oil and dirt from the face.
  • A tiny pea-sized amount of face wash is necessary, it lathers well and gives a squeaky clean face and also it lightens the acne spots and reduces the formation of new acne.

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