BB Closet Intervention – Are You Wearing the Right Bra?
Buying a bra is quite a difficult task to do because an ill fitted bra can harm you in many ways. Health issues are the first attempt comes from an ill fitted bra like you will feel pain in your ligament and back. Not only the dressing sense defines your body but a fitted bra shapes your bust and if it is not comfortable and fitted, it will give your body an ugly structure. It is so important to select the perfect bra for yourself which is just fitted to the size of your bust. Here I am giving you some useful tips to find your best fitted size.

Watch the Band and Strap Size
With the help of an inch tape, start measuring roundly on your chest and then add 2 inches more to that measurement. That’s your size.

While selecting the bra, two finger methods is applied that if your two fingers are easily crossing the band (the lower part of your bra) then you have found the right and comfortable band size. If the back belt of your bra is reaching up and teasing on the shoulder strap and you need to do it settle again and again so it means you would have to take the measurements properly again.

The Right Cup Size
Keep in your mind that bra which you have bought for you are fitted on your breasts just like a hand would fit in a glove. If you are wearing the wrong bra since many years then you should take a note on the shape your breasts which would be definitely clang from its natural shape. Just choose the right cup size and not too much tight. Allow them to breathe a little but not too much, obviously.

Swearing by the Size
The measurements and sizes of bras are always different and vary from shops to shops. In the past days when a 36B cup size will fit you right but you will need the brand size adjusted to 34. Therefore, you should try one size up and down and then make a better conclusion on your right size. Shopping assistants are always there on the shop to guide you if you are not sure about the right size of your cups.

Ace the Right Size with these Hacks
For those ladies who have saggy breast, pull up your shoulder straps so the measurement can come accurately and you cannot get the flawed size forever.

Remember, bras come in different shapes and styles so all of them will treat your breasts inversely, so before selecting the right bra, keep in your mind that what style you should pick that work for longer hours.

Otherwise, if you like to wear padded bra, it would be tough to take accurate measurement. If you are going to concentrate on a fitting then avoid padded bras.

While you are trying your bra, you can check its comfort ability by flipping and waving your arms to notice the band that if it is climbing up or fall out. If it is falling out from the bottom then it means you are wearing the big bra. If it is spilled from the sides then it means you are wearing small bra.

Careful with the Armpit and Back

Underwire bras when pock in to your breasts and being pointed in your armpits so you can easily understand that you are wearing a wrong bra. Underwire bra should touch and stay evenly on the breastbone and once it switches up and down then it means you are on the wrong selection of bra.

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