For those struggling with this abdominal ailment, this article will address both questions and include some tips.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Pregnancy produces a lot of changes in the body of a woman. No one is more aware of this than women who have encountered it on their own.

The embryo grows over time and the uterus expands. This puts pressure on the linea alba that runs down the center of your abs, which is the connective tissue.

The connective tissue gradually stretches enough to establish separation between the two sides of your abs. What doctors refer to as diastasis recti is this form of separation.

Remember that this disorder is not limited to pregnant women. As any prolonged abdominal pressure can cause this form of separation, both men and babies can suffer from it.

Type of Diastasis Recti

This aliment has many distinct variants. The position where the distinction happens is what differentition. Open diastasis occurs in the navel, and in the abs, completely open diastasis occurs. Two more variants are under navel diastasis and above navel diastasis. These occur below and above the belly button, respectively, as the names indicate.

How will 

How will i fix it?

When most women realize that they have this void, their first impulse is to look for a way to address it. The best news is that you can do exercises to improve your heart again. For starters, with your knees bent, the glute bridge includes lying down on your back. Without your legs moving, lift your hips off the ground and release them back down.

You should also try more exercises. Make sure you pick those that hold your shoulders on the field, though.

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