Infinite love bracelet DIY

Here’s another Valentine’s day little jewel. This bracelet doesn’t have any closure, well if you receive a gift that is a symbol of infinite love you shouldn’t take it off…just kidding. You can make it long enough to put it on or add a closure next to the infinite symbol. I think it’s a nice alternative to hiding it on the other side of the bracelet. If you think this bracelet can make a nice last minute gift idea I suggest you to pair it with these funny nerd Valentine’s cards I saw on true blue me&you.

  • Cut a piece of metallic wire and twist it
  • Curl it in the shape of eight and cut away the loop
  • Connect the infinite symbol to a piece of chain with two jump rings.
  • Regulate the length so you can put it on without using a closure or insert a clasp to connect to the infinite symbol.

By Admin