Doily lace skirt DIY

If you flip through the pages of a fashion magazine in these days you may have noticed there’s a lot of lace going on. I couldn’t resist this super feminine trend so today I’ll show you how I made my own lace skirt.

You’ll need:

  • A skirt
  • Lace trim (sold in yards)

I chose to apply white lace onto a pink skirt to exalt it. Doesn’t this skirt look like made of sugar?

Follow me after the jump for the tutorial.

I chose to use a wide lace trim and I found it in a lace curtain with repeated design.

I cut the curtain into bands

I then pinned the lace band onto the skirt. You can now make a straight seam to sew the lace on the skirt.

Repeat the process until the skirt is fully covered.

now finished.

By Admin