How to fix a broken eye shadow

How many times happens to break an eye shadow? We have to clean everything up and then tens of dollars go into the trash. Just few days ago I have broken an eye shadow in my favorite shade of green and I thought: is it possible that it can’t it be fixed? It’s only pressed powder. So I searched for a tutorial on the internet and I found the solution!


  • you only need a few drops of alcohol
  • pour the alcohol into the eye shadow
  • take a piece of tissue paper and press down over the powder with a flat surface (ideally big as the eye shadow), really press!
  • the powder is now well pressed
  • I tried again with again with the orange eye shadow
  • i’ll leave them open for a few days to allow the alcohol to evaporate

I’m pretty satisfied with the result, I’ve turned the eye shadow upside down and the powder stayed in place. Here’s the full video that teached me this technique

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