How to transform earrings into DIY ear cuffs in 1 minute

In the last few years we saw ear cuffs getting more popular. They offer the chance to decorate the whole ear. This shape requires new solutions to fasten the earring to the ear. It can be anchored behind the ear or with additional ear-piercings. Sometimes we can use a vintage solution to wear a contemporary trend. I used earring clips to transform these earrings into ear cuffs. They were popular in custom jewelry of the 80s. Even those who don’t have a pierced lobe can wear earrings with clips and this feature can be used to fasten the earring to any part of the ear. You can transform your earrings into ear cuffs in 1 minute and I found 3 ways to wear them.

You’ll need:

  1. earrings
  2. earrings clips
  3. glue
  4. pliers


I took off the earring nail with pliers
I cut a section of the earrings base to make it invisible on the front
And glued the clip on the back of the earring.


By Admin