Everywhere you see and hear the word “DIY” and you probably already know what it stands for: “do it yourself.” It’s a very simple-sounding idea. But for different people, “DIY” could conjure up completely different thoughts, because it can really be about so many things.

Basically, DIY implies that you want to do the job instead of hiring a specialist to do a specific task or instead of purchasing goods from a store or an artist, or produce such items yourself without the direct aid of an expert. That doesn’t mean that you can’t turn to assistance services.

It always counts as doing it yourself whether you are using a YouTube video, or a book or blog post to find directions or get your project on the right track. DIY is just about discovering the experience and cultivating the abilities you need to do what you would usually pay someone else to do for you.

The “DIY” mark is understandably applied to several projects, and practically everything from patching a hole in a wall yourself to making your own bath bombs (or even the slime of children!) counts as a DIY project. And DIY goes beyond that, because stuff like cutting your own hair, making your own clothes, decorating a cake, handling your own savings, and so much more can also be added.

Personally, my mind goes to home improvement activities when I think about DIY ventures. Stuff like painting, carpet installation, furniture design, racking up, fixing things that need maintenance are where my brain goes. But, I’m an avid crafter as well. For me, for sure, arts and crafts come under the umbrella of DIY, but at least I think of it as “crafting” that’s the term that makes me think about the kind of projects I’m doing.

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