Hello ladies, this article is all about the right choice of bra that fit on your breast. You will get advice about selecting a bra according to the type of your breast.

  1. Small Breast:You should choose the push up bra if you have small breast as it will create a little channel, another bra is balconette type or others with heart-shaped neckline.
  1. Medium Breast:If your breast size is medium then you can go with high cup or balconette style bras that will look great. Remember, it depends upon the shape of your breast.
  1. Heavy Breast:If you have heavy breast so you should select the one with sternum high cups because it will have more subjection.
  1. Firm Breast:In this case, low- cut bras are most favorable to choose.
  1. Flaccid Breast:It would be better to have bras with that spans your entire breast. The high cup bra and balconette with high breastbone will be the best option for you.
  1. Asymmetric Breast:In this case, your breast may be flaccid, firm or heavy but if they are asymmetrical. So you should always buy a bra with the top of the elastic cup.

What type of bra do you wear?

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