Thin VS Fat Women: What Men Like?

Everyone in today’s society has been so inattentive with the physical fitness. Of course, if you have healthy body, it is good for you but the main focus should be on your physical and structural appearance that how you do effort being healthy along with maintaining your physical fitness. You should be healthy internally but your physical appearance should be perfect with the necessary curves and abs for men.

Due to the fact, it seems that everybody needs a life partner that has enough fitted body to walk on the ramp. But it is not as easy as the world thinks. Having a good shaped body is superior in front of having inner beauty and strength. A woman when works around a huge circle of humans, many thoughts have come in mind like I should become skinny, how fat I am, how can I lose my weight, how can I make my body in a perfect and fitted shape, how men will treat me after seeing my body. In this way, she losses her self-confidence and turn into complexity. But it is all senseless, women are just not recognized by body, the spiritual beauty and a beautiful heart is everything. Guys mostly debate on choosing the skinny or fat girls, usually they prefer the skinny ones but they do not think about comparing themselves with the women matching mentally and emotionally. They just think about her body and fitness which is wrong. So here we can try to answer the question which guys like fat or skinny girls.

Primitive urge: According to the history of a man’s thought, we can find out the reason of this question that do guys like fat or skinny girls. Every man will need a woman with a good childbearing capacity. This constitution has been fixed since the past history and mostly every man decides to deliberate women as a potential friend.

Concept of beauty: if we see from the history, the concept of beauty was not meaningful for the men. Men easily marry with the fat girl and this concept changes over the ages. Later the skinny heroines become the dream girls of men and in every era, men love to be having the most beautiful and skinny lady in the world.

The skinny woman: Skinny does not mean an unhealthy woman, but a woman who is skinny with the fine bone structure and internally healthy. Men are attracted towards the skinny category of women and when you ask do guys like fat girls or skinny girls, they will definitely wish for the skinny ones.

The fat woman: But when it comes to the fat woman, yes, men also need fat woman on the bed when it comes to the relationship in which the amount of body fat will be totally out of their concern but still they will prefer the skinny girls just for flirting. For such types of men, the answer will be the fat women.

The one in between: Such types of women who are not so skinny not so fat are also liked by some men. They are thin and have necessary body curves so they can be said smart and perfect. According to the men’s concept, these women are healthy and perfect for raising a family.

A deeper meaning: All this assumption leads us to the deeper meaning of attraction. The physical appearance plays an important role in creating a relationship between men and women so you should look good enough by your physical structure a man wants. The choice varies from men to men. It is not important to think about fat or skinny girls but it is more about how much you love a woman.

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