Gold dipped nails DIY tutorial

Lately I’ve been having some fun with foil sheets. Get them if you haven’t already because you can make some pretty cool accessories with it. You can make “gold brooches” out of plastic toys or put some “gold” on your nails. Isn’t it nice? Even better this manicure only takes a few minutes to make it.
If you love shiny things, you’ll love aluminum foil.

You’ll need:

  • Colored nail polish
  • Aluminum foil adhesive (foil glue)
  • Gold aluminum foil

Apply a coat of nail polish

Apply foil glue on nails with a brush. You can apply it randomly.

When glue becomes sticky and transparent (in a couple of minutes) cut tiny pieces of aluminum foil and stick them on nails.

Press the foil on nails a little and then peel it off.

That’s it! You’ve done.
You can use the foil again to add only a tiny bit of gold on nails.
About top coat. I applied a layer of top coat on one hand. The top coat makes the gold foil a little less shiny and mirrory but protects it .You can leave nails uncovered if the manicure is for one special evening only (avoiding the contact with water).

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