1.Eat spicy

When we eat spicy, we are forced to slow down, the time to let our taste buds rest for a few seconds. This promotes the feeling of satiety that we will have less quickly if we eat too quickly.

2.Walk as much as possible

Do you live 10 minutes from the metro but still take the bus to get there? From tomorrow, get out 10 minutes early and walk !

3.Eat on a smaller plate

You will feel like the portions served are huge which will subconsciously create a feeling of fullness.

4.Have breakfast

We sometimes have the annoying habit of skipping the “breakfast” step and yet it is one of the most important meals. Why ? To start the day on the right foot, but not only! Eating your breakfast will reduce your urge to snack. In addition, many studies have shown that eating a lot at the first meal of the day reduces weight gain.

5.Ride a bike

If you have a bike, this is the opportunity to take it out for sunny days. Rather than taking the car or the metro to go to work, choose the bike (except if the distance does not allow it)!

6.Eat slowly

The faster you eat, the less time you have to savor the food and the more your stomach. craves more. Chew well and take small bites.

7.Wait until you are hungry to eat

Know the difference between craving and hunger. If you fancy a nutella toast, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hungry. We call it gluttony. Be careful, it seems that this is a nasty flaw.

8.Walk before eating

When you can, take a 15-20 minute walk before eating to increase feelings of fullness.

9.Prefer a fruit to its juice

For you it’s a question of calories but know that eating a whole fruit is equivalent to the same number of calories as in a small bottle of juice. You might as well eat a piece of fruit.

10.Drink semi-skimmed milk

Are you a big fan of whole milk? By switching to semi-skimmed then skimmed milk, each time around 20% of your calorie intake decreases.

We sometimes break our heads to adopt diets that we can not stick. What if these 10 daily tips could help you lose weight easily?

“You have to breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a poor man,” the saying goes.Today, no miracle recipes to lose weight but 10 everyday tips to lose weight more easily.

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