Gorgeous and Easy Day to Night Hairstyles

Hanging up with your girl gang and stepping out with your glam look is not a big deal now. If you do not have hair styling tools then do not worry, we are here to reveal some gorgeous and easy ways to make you look stunning and beautiful. Here in this article, you will get to learn about new and amazing day to night hairstyles that you can do easily while in office or somewhere with your friends without using any styling tools.

Do you ever prefer ponytail to work in your hair? Wonderful! Just loosen up your ponytail and give a bit of twist in your hair all the way down then make a bun. You will need bobby pins to secure the bun with. That would be the daily wear hairstyle for every day going out. It looks stylish and fun.

Half up

The best thing about this hairstyle is that the messier look is better than everything. It does not need any tool or even a comb. Take the section of your hair above the ears from both sides and lift it upside then take it at the back. Secure it with bobby pins or hair tie whatever thing is available to you.

Side swept braid

Side swept braid can be done sitting on the work desk or anywhere you are present. Part your hair on either side, leave few of the hair strands and grab the rest of the hair to make a loose braid. Secure with a hair tie and you are ready to go glam.

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