Build your arm party How to make instant macrame bracelets

These trims were just too cute to seat in a box. They can be quickly transformed into summer macrame bracelets and make a nice arm party ( to stack your arms with bracelets see also this arm party tutorial!).

All you have to do is:

  • Choose any trim you like
  • Cut them the size of your wrist
  • Add a fastening
  • And you’ve done

Speaking of fastenings you have more than one option. You can glue (or sew) a snap button on the trim or you can make a small decorative fastening with just a bead and thread. I’ll show you how.


  • Create a few loops with thread
  • Then make simple knots around those loops you’ll create a button hole
  • On the other side insert a bead and knot the thread
  • Insert the bead inside the loop and the fastening is done.
  • White trims can be painted with acrylic colors
  • here’s how fastenings look once finished. Nice and decorative.
  • See Picture dimensions

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