Neon yellow plastic bracelet DIY

I’m sure you believe that I’m a terrible chef since you have seen me boil only plastic or bake body butter. Today the menu is not different we’ll boil plastic again. After my strange cooking lessons you’ll still be hungry but you’ll eventually have a new bracelet. I found these neon yellow clear spoons at the supermarket and I though they would make nice neon bracelets. Make them is just as easy as it seems. I boiled the water and then I dipped the spoon into it. It became flexible and I bent it with the help of a pincer. I took it out of the water and in no time the spoon was stiff again. I made the first one thinking of a snake. The second one is made of 2 spoons. I curled the concave part of the spoon tightly to make a spiral. Do you like them?

By Admin