The secret recipe for unique earrings pasta, oil & chili peppers

Dolce&Gabbana are the ambassadors of the Italian lifestyle in the world. This time they used pasta to make fun and mediterranean pieces of jewelry. Taking inspiration from their work I used pasta,chili pepper beads and artificial leaves. Take a note of the ingredients and follow the tutorial to make your pair of tasty earrings!

You’ll need:

  1. Artificial leaves
  2. Pasta
  3. chili pepper beads (previously used to make the floating claw ring)
  4. earring hooks
  5. chain
  6. pliers
  7. jump rings
  8. 4 bead caps
  9. transparent paint
  10. a driller
  11. metallic wire

How to make unique earrings:

1 piece and 2 different uses. Flatten the bead cap with a hammer to obtain a star shaped finding then cut it in the middle to create the perfect bead cap for the chili peppers, press it in position

Connect the chili pepper beads and an artificial leaf to a piece of chain using jump rings.

Apply a coat of transparent paint over your pasta to make it waterproof. It will look oily like just been dressed. Pierce your pasta in the middle with a driller. Insert the metallic wire into the hole and make a tiny loop at each end. Add the earring hooks and you’ve done!

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